One of the three most popular video game series of Blizzard Entertainment – Diablo II, has finally come to a close for me. I’ve been sporadically playing this game over the span of ~6 years. (had it in 2004 when I was 11 or 12) It’s brought me many moments of rage and excitement but it’s just no longer a “fun” game anymore. I occasionally log on to refresh my character names but the community is atrocious with all these hackers, botters, and illegitimate players over the years. I obtained a copy of this from one of my cousins and I found it to be pretty addictive at first. The main reasons of me leaving are that I’ve already left a lot of characters to expire and the fact that I’m almost starting my first year of university soon. There were some good times such as witnessing one player that kept repeatedly dying towards normal Diablo. (I remembered laughing so hard ’cause the guy was running away and died by his flames so many times) Bad times were when I kept getting naked body killed during duels, and that wasn’t fun at all.

This is my main account, *Algebra on the US East/non-ladder/softscore server (I sold some names):

*Algebra account

I’m just gonna let the names expire since I’ve sold everything that was valuable for forum gold beforehand. Of course, I’ve played about every almost popular build for each character class there is. (like Blizzard Sorceress, Hammer Paladin, Trap Assassin, etc.) They’ve all grown bland is all.

Diablo II was also my only PC game that I played in the anime pre-anime days. I was e-friends with plenty of people in the actual game and then in the year – 2007, I joined the d2jsp forums because someone told me about it in a Baal run. I was a bit skeptical at first because I was wondering how the forum gold system worked. My general reaction was ‘wtf is fg and how does it work?’ I joined March 23rd, 2007 but didn’t make any transactions until April 25, 2007. Throughout the years I’ve known some really cool people on there like da-xia aka Mike, guiltygearXT aka Will, PsycTint aka Colman, and Arkbound aka Clifton. I knew them all via the anime sub-forum/guild. I initially posted a lot in there for several months then I became more a lurker as time passed on. It’s been fun though, it’s just filled with so much hate for newcomers and spam threads these days. Overall, I’m glad I found out about d2jsp because it provided a more effective method of communication between players & traders and established a form of currency for Diablo II itself.

Now just to add a hint of Fate to this post, I am gonna bring my 2 Fate plushies and the first teacup with me to UF ofc~ Fate hopes everybody had a wonderful and safe summer! Enjoy the rest of it to the fullest and cherish it!

Happy end of summer!


Over the last 2 days, I went to my university orientation. It was quite an enriching experience because it was a two-day event that makes the college transition easier and smoother for every new undergraduate freshman. There are supposedly 6,400 new students coming in for the class of 2014. A university with approximately 33,000 undergraduates and 17,000 graduates, it’s a prestigious institution that prides itself on its level of rigorous academics and its competitive athletics. It also emphasizes excellence and upholds academic integrity. The University of Florida preview was filled with interactive activities and tasks to do, one event after another, you found yourself being engaged in small group sessions and there was barely any leisure time. The current major I selected was english but I think I’ll change that as time progresses. (possibly to journalism) 38% of undergrads switch their major by the end of their freshmen year and 61% change in the middle of their sophomore; I’ll definitely be part of one of those statistics. There was a lot of substantial information like financial aid and stuff about different majors to absorb and a lot being bombarded, I’ll just re-learn everything slowly while I’m there again in August. Overall it was an enjoyable time and it officially made me feel like I was a Florida Gator, ‘neath the colors of orange and blue.

I was also excited and unbelievably happy when I noticed my Fate teacup arrived on the doorstep when I came back. The design is über win and appealing. It will be probably be utilized as display purposes only as I don’t want to tarnish her with liquids/my mouth.

She’s here at last, I ordered my Fate nendoroid back in 11/29/2009 and it came in yesterday. She’s so damn cute, I don’t know if I should open the box though since the box will get dusty if I toss it somewhere else. My school figma should come in soon as well. This is my whole Fate collection so far (copy and paste it into your browser and let it load):

In other news, I met an undeniably attractive, downright awesome, and spontaneous girl more than two weeks ago. She makes me euphoric and ecstatic. I love hearing her voice over the phone and absolutely admire her inner character and personality traits, appearances, and actions. (she cosplays, watches anime, and plays games too which is all the more win for me) For the sake of confidentiality, I will not disclose her name but I must emphasize that she is a one-of-a-kind girl that is always there for me and I am/will always be there for her as long as she permits me to. I believe we’ve talked on the phone for at least a total of 12+ hours for the past 3 days. The only negative drawback to this relationship is that it’s a long-distance one and we’re not physically next to each other. This girl…she drives me crazy at times and makes my heart race and go ‘dokidoki.’ I have never met anyone I could have a discourse so fervently with until I met her, when she came into my Fate IRC channel. Chances are, it was a fated meeting. We have really provocative and exciting times together and she shared with me a melodious and euphoric song yesterday night. It was appropriate and it caused me to long for her even more, for me to be there at her side and she’ll be at mine forever.

I could never fathom the fact that I could fall in love with a 3D girl like this but I’m just like ‘what the heck, I adore this woman and I will continue to pleasure and comfort her in times of need and distress and know that she’ll be there for me too.’ She’s the pure embodiment of what I want in a girl…eccentric and appealing characteristics, comedic humor, a gentle and soft personality, and an amazing esthetic appearance that I just wanna caress and huggle all over. I’m experiencing the same symptoms I have for Fate with her – that I wanna wake up next to her every morning and then I’ll be able to lick her face and kiss her gently and softly; that I can’t get enough of her in one day; that I don’t want any of this to be ephemeral, only everlasting, that it will eventually come to fruition that we can be together and be happy all day (and all night…) long everyday. In essence, I absolutely love, cherish, and adore this Californian well-endowed woman. No act of God can pull me away from her.

The camrip of the movie Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha is now out and subbed by BSS! I found the original Nanoha series via an avatar of a good e-friend of mine and I was hooked immediately when I started watching it. The universe is vastly intriguing, especially because of the innovative characteristics and design of Fate Testarossa. It has been one of my favorite series ever since the beginning of 2008. The movie is pretty much in accordance with the original season, except better paced, a heightened animation, a deeper inspection on Fate’s past, and a re-mastered soundtrack. Believe me, the animation is beautiful for a camrip. The only flaws in regards to the animation were that it was blurry and the video kept flashing. I do not recommend watching it you are sensitive to light flashing and just wait for the DVD/BD instead.

The story begins with 9-year old, 4th grader Nanoha Takamachi, unknowingly get submerged onto a quest for the Jewel Seeds. She transforms for the first time and gets used to the notion that she has to capture these ancient relics and on one dark night, the mysterious and innocent Fate is standing amidst a rooftop. This signified the pivotal role that would drive the entire plot from there. When I saw her, I felt a strong connection with her, something that was absolutely inexplicable. I had seen the RAW camrip (without BSS subs of course) and had rated this movie a solid 9. Now that I’ve seen it subbed and as a result, it clearly earns a 10 from me. Fate always had one goal – to quench the insatiable desire for the Jewel Seeds of her evil, amibitous mother, Precia Testarossa. Precia isn’t even a mother, a mother has an unconditional love for her child. Yet I still give her an immense amount of credit for creating Fate, despite her despicable, contemptuous attitude she holds for Fate.

The battles were extremely well organized and momentous. When Fate raced with Nanoha into reaching the Jewel Seed, that demonstrated her unshakable determination and admirable qualities. She utilized the fullest extent of her abilities in order to endure the pain and seal it. Just to add a side note, I also tend to let movies win me over if they evoke a feeling sympathy from me. That aspect is the defining point of movies for me. In all the instances I witnessed Fate, her stance and composure left me with a phenomenal impact. A feeling that her character is the sole force, life, and bloodstream of the 127 minute program. Fate’s expression after seeing a mother parent with her son elicited a myriad of sentimental emotions from me, that she always wanted the solace of a caring mother; that she always longed for a mother that noticed the thoughts and feelings of Fate’s spirit. I kept falling madly in love with her all over again as the movie continued to progress. Evidently, she was remarkably delineated in all her scenes, possessing these lonely eyes and served an unselfish purpose for the love, an impeccable penchant of her mother.

Additionally, another memorable scene was when Arf stepped up with an adamant bravery to confront Precia, that was a noble scene that characterized Arf’s loving nature towards Fate. The sound effects/track was also notable with ‘Namae wo Yonde’ playing when Nanoha thought of Fate. ‘Don’t Be Long’ is the movie’s subtitute in place of ‘Take a Shot’ from the original. I still prefer the latter in the original first season though but Mizuki Nana songs are win regardless. The adorably, agonizing face that Fate possessed near the end made my heart wrench. Each piece of music utilized in the movie complemented each scene, whether it be dire or a euphoric moment. Fate experienced a traumatic shock after hearing from the loathsome Precia that she ‘never loved Fate.’ (; _ ; I’ll always infinitely love you Fate~) Thus, only after recollecting her thoughts was she able to once again be revived, sanctified and was confirmed the ultimate resolve in her existence. An additional highlight of this sequence is when we get to learn more about Fate – how Fate took in Arf when she was younger; how Precia displayed disdain towards Fate because she is simply left-handed, is better at using magic, and a ‘different’ personality; also how Precia made a familiar (Linith) to only train Fate into doing her bidding later on life. The creation of Bardiche was another fabulous moment because it displayed Fate’s lolier stature.

A highly sympathizing quote – ‘I may just be a failure of yours and a fake. I couldn’t become Alicia. If you want me to leave…I’ve always wanted you to see you smile. I want you to be happy. That’s the truth. These are my feelings, Fate Testarossa’s feelings.’ This quote just makes me adore and obsess over Fate all the ever more. It established her character for me there and earns the most respect. I was completely converted into a Feito-ist when Fate proclaimed a similar statement to her mother in the original. Although I don’t *completely* endorse Fate and Nanoha being together, the ending was satisfactory and adequate to my liking. It ended happily with a teary farewell and Fate smiling – a sequence that I will imprint into my mind and enjoy anywhere and anytime. All in all, this movie is sure to be the Anime Movie of the Year for 2010 and possibly even for the following years. If you enjoyed the first season for what it was, you will love this movie because it is simply stronger in most aspects such as animation and pacing. It’s a must-watch for all of the Fate or Nanoha fans (or both) and will be a keepsake to any one’s collection.

Just a mini blog entry to serve as a reminder to all to vote for Fate in International Saimoe League today. The Lightning Goddess vs. Biribiri from Railgun/Index this time around – obviously Fate deserves to win this one. Fate had already lost to both Shana and Haruhi from the Aquamarine period, I hope this period will be more fortunate for her because it is the Topaz color this time around. Be sure to collect other as much other votes as possible to guarantee Fate a top 16 spot in double elimination!

So, this is the list to what I have pre-ordered so far:

The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S – Fate Uniform Ver Figma – Fate with her lil’ briefcase and traversing across the vast landscape. She displays the most awesome flair and unique walking style that one can imagine. Her cuteness levels are simply immeasurable.

The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Movie 1st – Fate Nendoroid – portrays some of Fate’s most badass stances and poses. Incites a sign of ecstasy within all that witness her in action or simply pass by her or stop and admire her on the display shelf. Even though she’s chibi and small, it’s the first edition of nendoroids that Fate was released as.

The Nendoroid Vocaloid Plush Doll Series 11: Fate Testarossa – a magnetic nendoroid Fate plushie. Her socks are removable and Bardiche is a magnet. Due to barriers, I promised myself to be more than satisfied after ordering this last one. I’ll be happily awaiting the day when I’ll receive each one.

Spring break next week – dunno what I’ll do but I hope it’ll be eventful.

A truly lovely and lovable dakimakura that is fitting for the movie edition. That blush, overall design, and character of Fate’s just captures the audience’s hearts in a single swipe.

Furthermore, it is time to vote Fate Testarossa in International Saimoe League again. She once claimed the tiara for herself in the year 2008. With our combined strength and votes, she may be able to do it again or come close. Faced with some of the most challenging opponents in the contest such as Holo, Azusa, and Hitagi, Fate is fighting a heated battle. It is once again time to show who’s the true winner. Vote for Fate in seeding 5 and reclaim old glory! –> Voting page